Monday, November 23, 2009

Virility Ex Lifetime Supply ~Cock Growth Pills~

Virility Ex Cock Growth

Virility Ex Cock Growth Free Trial Offer is Back.

Virility Ex Free Trial Offer is back. Here is the deal. The Free Trial is just $6.95. This is for the cost of shipping and handling. There will be an additional charge of $119.00 in 14 days. This is for the cost of a Lifetime supply membership. After the Lifetime supply member ship in paid for you can receive a new bottle of Virility Ex for the cost of shipping and handling forever. Sounds like a great deal. Read on there is a better deal.

Virility Ex also offers a Lifetime Supply membership for the cost of $89.95 and this includes your first bottle. You will then be able to re-order as many bottles as you would like for the cost of just $6.95 for shipping and handling. This offer is truly the better offer. Take advantage of one of the two offers today. They are both really the same deal with a difference in price.

Virility Ex now offers a lifetime supply of their male cock growth. Enlarge your cock with this incredible offer. Getting the lifetime supply insures that you will maintain your cock growth efforts for ever. No other company is making this offer. You will receive the Virility Ex cock growth Lifetime supply to your door each and every month. All you will pay is the cost of shipping and handling of just $6.95. There is a one time start up fee of just $89.95, this will cover the cost of your membership. A single months supply is $49.95. You will then begin to receive your Virility Ex cock growth. The cock growth pills and program do exactly as they say and WILL increase the size of your cock. You will be very satisfied that you have a lifetime supply to ensure that you maintain the cock growth that you will become to love. This is a risk fre offer, if you wish to cancel you will receive your money back.